2-Way SMS


Your customers will increasingly prefer to communicate via text messaging. Meet in the middle with our 2-Way SMS:

Auto Responses: Pre-set responses for customer messages sent after hours.

Quick Responses: Save common messages for re-use.

Media: Send images, videos, documents with messages.

Built for Teams: Conversations can be transferred between co-workers or visible to the entire team depending on your business preferences.

Chat History: All history is stored within the customer record.

Alerts: Desktop and SMS alerts ensure that new customer communication does not go unnoticed.



The options for handling phone calls is endless. Most solutions are packed with complicated features you will never use. We have focused our solution on delivering core features the small/medium sized organizations will use every day.

Auto-Attendant: Create simple automated greetings to route callers to the correct location.

Prompts: Record/upload custom audio files or leverage text to speech.

Ring Groups: Group extensions together for broadcasting calls to an entire department.

Voicemail: Integrated into the DigitalConcierge dashboard, voicemail messages are played through the computer and include transcription.

Time of Day Routing: Tailor your call handling based on your business hours.

Phones: Desk phone and soft phone support.

Emergency Routing: Internet or power outage? No problem, quickly route calls to a cell phone, alternate location, or simply send to voicemail.

Call Recording: You have full control of what calls are recorded. Inbound, outbound, specific extensions or all extensions. These recordings can be reviewed by the administrator for quality and training purposes.

Call Queuing: Create queues to hold callers when business is very busy!

Call Park: Need the ability to hold a call for a co-worker on a dedicated line to be picked up elsewhere?

SIP Phone: Digital Concierge has been built and tested around Yealink IP Phones.



SMS and Email campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

Triggers: Messages can be triggered based on an upcoming appointment, recent visit, promotion, lack of recent visits, etc.

Link Shortening: Add branded links to a text messages that is easily readable on a mobile device.

Reports: DigitalConcierge tracks responses to your campaign messages so that you know what is the most effective.

Opt In/Out: DigitalConcierge will capture and honor your customer's communication preferences.

Advisor IQ


* Monthly addon and usage fees apply

Leverage the power of AI to help your advisors make better decisions. Advisor IQ is a tool that analyzes your shop management system data and provides recommendations to your advisors.

DVIs: Quickly generate customer friendly repair recommendations

Call Sentiment: Surface problem calls and sms converations automatically.

Call Summary: Automatically geneate a summary of each call

Instant Feedback: Instand feedback is provided based on call and sms conversations



Digital Concierge integrates with the top on-premise and cloud based shop management systems from RO Writer, Protractor Mitchell 1, and Tekmetric.

Digital Vehicle Inspections


Build trust with your customers by providing a consistent and informative vehicle inspection. Every shop has a different approach to inspections. DC has been built to allow customers to tailor inspections to meet their business needs.

iPad & Web App: Both can be used to conduct the inspection. Vehicle information captured by the technician is saved back to your shop management system.

Inspections: Build as many inspection templates as you need. For example you may have a courtesy inspection that is used by default along with a state inspection, used vehicle inspection, etc.

Media: Technicians can attach pictures and videos on every inspection item. Markup tools can be used to point certain parts of the image out.

Notes: Technicians can add freeform notes to an item or choose from a list of pre-defined notes. Tech notes are not shared with the customer. Advisors provide the final notes shared with the customer.

Customer Notification: Inspections can be sent to the customer via SMS or Email.

Alerts: Advisors are alerted when the inspection has been viewed.

Appointment Microsite


The appointment page can be linked to or embedded in your website. This is a great way to capture appointment requests. The requests are emailed and added as a task in DigitalConcierge.



Many industries still use fax for sending important documents. With DigitalConcierge, inbound and outbound faxes are easily managed right from your dashboard.

Status Board


Don't let a repair progress get lost in the shuffle! The status board is a great way to keep tabs on all the vehicles in your shop. Many customers display the status board on a large display for all of their advisors and even customers to see.

Color Code: Assign specific colors to technicians & advisors.

Status Timers: Timers can be added to each status. If a repair is in that status too long, the timer will flash red.

Time Clock


In addition to your technicians clocking in/out for their shift, DigitalConcierge can also track time in/out on specific vehicles. Reports are available to Managers and the data can easily be exported for payroll purposes.

Modernize your autoshop with DigitalConcierge, the all-in-one shop-management-system.

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